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Server Rules  

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The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:

            § 1 ARMA 3 general rules:
            § 1.1 Insults, racism, discrimination or sexist remarks are allowed to a minimum extent, discussion and other problems to be dealt with in a discord and forum, in the game prohibited.
            § 1.2 Please watch your wording, always remember there is another person on the other end.
            § 1.3 Advertising other servers is considered spam and therefore forbidden.
            § 1.4 Hacking/glitching/duping/bugusing or however you wanna classify it is not allowed, please report according incidents or violations to the staff.
            § 1.5 Persistent combat loggers will be punished !
            § 1.6 It is not allowed to move or place objects in your base while being attacked or while trying to attack someone else.
            § 1.7 It is not allowed to park your vehicles in your virtual garage during combat.
            § 1.7.1 The combat ends 1 minute after the last shot taken or given from the vehicle.
§ 1.8 It is  allowed to permanently rearm / repair at a rearm / ammunition object.

§ 1.8.1 But it is not allowed to stand next to the object amunition or bobcat and repair of road as in the picture ... See forum

            § 1.9 It is not allowed to camp a spawn zone from a base. Exception: If a player attacks the base and re spawns there.
            § 1.10 Hacking or abusing allegations must be solved in the forum with an admin and not in the server chat (this will be considered as a offense).
            § 1.10.1 If you think taht somebody isn't plaing legit, go to an admin of trust in / Discord/ Forum.
            § 1.11 You are not allowed to shoot at static missions from a base."
            § 1.12 It is not allowed to lie to an admin
            § 2 ARMA 3  safe zone rules:
            General SZ Rules:
            § 2.1 No ramming or driving people over in the SZ.
            § 2.2 No trolling in the safe zone (if you think it is going to bother someone it’s probably covered by this rule)
            Ownership stuff:
            § 2.3 As soon as a vehicle enters the safe zone, it is considered property of the driver or pilot who moved it in there (even if there was an enemy player on another seat)
            § 2.3.1 Leaving the vehicle in a safe open and dismissing it may result in a loss, it is allowed to sell the vehicle by another player in safezone, it will not be considered a theft..
            § 2.4 Stealing vehicles or their contents is not allowed during their stay in the safe zone.
            § 2.4.1 While in the safe zone, do not use or try the lock feature on vehicles that are not owned by you or your group. (locking people out by deliberately using the wrong key and so on...)
            § 2.5 The ownership of a vehicle in the safezone is void after a regular server restart, locked vehicles will be unlocked and can be stolen if they have been there before the restart. 
            Safe zone and combat activities:"
            § 2.6 It is not allowed to retreat into the nearest safe zone, during a combat situation
            § 2.6.1 If you are beeing followed and shot uppon you are not allowed to rescue yourself into a safe zone
            § 2.6.2 A combat action arises when a player or vehicle was hit by an opposing player.
            § 2.7 A player leaving the safe zone is not allowed to instantly shoot at other leaving or incoming players or vehicles.
            § 2.8 Players are not allowed to ‘camp’ in a radius of 1500m around a safe zone or actively ‘camp’ at this radius from longer distances."
            § 2.8.1 if you have been attacked or broke these rules, only movies will be taken three minutes before the action and three minutes after the action 
            § 2.9 ANY mines in a radius of 1500m around the safe zone. /ROUTES/ROAD/and around/.
            § 3 Arma 3   base building rules:
            Where can you build ?
            § 3.1 Keep a distance of 1500m to Towns and Military areas."
            § 3.1.1 those 1500m are measured from the last building of the city core not the center.
            § 3.2 The minimum distance to a safe zone is 1200m (measured from the circle).
            § 3.3 Building in high loot areas is not allowed. (if you are not sure ask an admin)
            § 3.4 The minimum distance to a high end trader and radioactive zone is 1500m (measured from the circle)(if you are not sure ask an admin).
            § 3.5 The flag must be accessible by a door (The amount does not matter).
            § 3.6 The flag can be blocked only with one concrete support kit.
            § 3.7 Multiple placement of components on the same position is prohibited. (it is allowed to put the walls next to each other so that one person can fit.separated from each other min 0.5 meter)
            § 3.8 A player can be added only allowed on two territory. (base 3 will be removed!)
            § 4 Mortar Rules:
            § 4.1 Shooting on a Mission is only allowed if you are somehow involved into the mission. (no random mission bombing)
            § 4.2 The Shooting on Trader, high loot areas,black marked,Spawnzone and Military Zone (grenade) and Radiation Zones is forbidden.,            § 4.3 all mortar is equipped with computer artillery,  !!!!.
            § 4.4 The mortar is affected by § 1.8.breaking the rules may result in the loss you mortar.
            General information:
            You have to pay your base every 14 days otherwise it will get automatically deleted, for the specific date see XM8 and click the territory tile.
            If your flag has been stolen, the base will be removed after 3 days.
            This is a PvP server.
            The artillery (mortars and artillery vehicles) has artillery computer.
            Vehicles that are on the map for more than 3 days and are not moved will be unlocked.
            Found vehicles to which no code lock was attached will be removed during a reboot.
            The admins are entitled to punish rule violations at their own discretion!
            The admins have no obligation to replace any lost gear or vehicle and if so, only with the submission of a video.
            If you need Admin support you can contact them in Discord ( https://discord.gg/c769Fch ). The admins can't watch the chat all the time.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken.